Meet Our Trustees

The Trustees of the Leap Day Foundation, which was established in the Republic of Cyprus in 2012, consists of five professional individuals namely Frixos Savvides, Chris Georghiades, Mehran Eftekhar, Christos Christodoulou and Mufid Sukkar.   These five Trustees resolved to stage a variety of activities encouraging people to offer some of their effort, time or influence to raise money for charitable funds, without necessarily focusing on any specific cause but mainly concentrating on helping ...

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Meet Our Volunteers

Meet our Organizing Team The Organising Team of the Leap Day Foundation consists mainly of volunteers from three of the founding companies - Mrs. Anna Provata from Nest Investments Holdings (Cyprus) Ltd, Ms. Galatia Loizou from Trust International Insurance Company (Cyprus) Ltd and Mrs. Styliana Pontiki-Drege from the World Trade Center Cyprus.     Anna Provata is the Travel & Event Coordinator of Nest Investments Holdings (Cyprus) Ltd, who joined as a member and organizing ...

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